Steffie was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and grew up between Manila, Philippines and California, spending most of her youth in the 90's glued to the computer screen and consuming anime, manga and video games.

In 2013, she graduated University of San Francisco with a B.S. of Kinesiology/Psychology and started working in UX/Product Marketing health tech industry in Silicon Valley.

In 2016, she fulfilled her childhood dream of living in Japan and moved to Tokyo to pursue more creative passions: voice acting, modeling and content creation.

In 2018, seeking to do female empowerment, she co-founded Startup Lady Japan, a community that supports female & non-binary entrepreneurs and freelancers in Tokyo and beyond.

In 2019, after joining a full-stack Javascript bootcamp Code Chrysalis, she dove into the world of digital art and software development. She currently worked for Code Chrysalis as a front-end developer & growth hacker.

In 2021, she quit her fulltime employment to freelance as a developer & creative technologist. Clients include DMBZ and Haiku Cyber Range.